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The Eta Tauri (Unofficial) Subaru Impreza Resource is one of the most popular and most professionally developed and maintained resources dedicated to the Subaru Impreza available. Designed and maintained by professional web specialists and photographers the name has become synonymous with:

If your business is in any way related to the Subaru Impreza then you should be considering advertising on You can choose to have a fixed banner on a certain page or may have the banner within the rotation system which features on most pages on the site.

Statistics are available if required at your request. Remember this is a focused and targetted marketting oportunity with click through rates as high as 6%! Contact Steve Breen to discuss details.

On average, we have 2500 visitors per week. A large proportion of visitors are from the United Kingdom, but such is the popularity of the Subaru Impreza, there is a growing world wide demand for information and products. Check out the membership statistics for the IWOC mailing list for your potential market.

Since 5th August 2000 the number of times that this site has been accessed (unique visitors per day) is

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