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Subject: [IWOC] Impreza Coupe to be officially imported into the UK!
From : John Stewart
Date : Wed, 1 Apr 1998 14:27:21 +0100 (BST)

Just heard some great news for anyone out there who would like to own a two door Impreza.

Apparently, a number of factors have made it viable for Subaru UK (International Motors) to import the two door Impreza into the UK:

Forester sales have not been as high as expected
Japanese demand has slumped due to far east crisis, which means factory is producing more cars than it can sell
Pound is very strong, making exchange rates very good for importing
Coupe market in the UK and Europe is very strong at the moment.

Apparently 3 different models are to be imported, but in very small numbers (2 per dealer max for this year's allocation).

The first is called the 2.0 Sport Coupe, and is based on the same 2.0 Sport saloon currently available in the UK. On the road price will be 15,550 pounds. Limited range of colours though. Only white, black and a *very bright* yellow!

The second model, called the Impreza 2000 Turbo Coupe, is based on the normal 208 bhp Impreza Turbo running gear and interior. Priced at 25,550 pounds, it includes leather, sunroof and air! Comes with 17 inch gold "crosswire" alloy wheels. Same colour options as the 2.0 Sport Coupe :-(

The last model is available by special order only, and is designed for those intending to go rallying. Available only in white, it comes with adjustable WRC type rear wing, steel wheels, stripped out interior with manual windows and mirrors, no carpets (cabin or boot), no sound deadening, no ABS, no front fog lights, uprated wiring loom,and most surprisingly no underseal (plain white paint on underside of car!). Strangest modification is the fuse box and relay panel which has been relocated to the where the glovebox is. (?) Weight is approximately 150 Kg lighter than standard 4 door saloon. Based on the standard Impreza Turbo 2000 running gear, the on the road cost will be 18,250 pounds, but they might only be sold to owners holding a full RAC competition driver's licence. It should also be noted that as all cars are intended for competition use, a very limited warranty is offered (no details yet available)

An Group N option pack will also be available on the above car at a cost of 17,300 pounds and includes the following modifications, all factory fitted:

FIA approved rollcage,
seam welded chassis,
group N spec gearbox c/w selection of final drive ratios,
4 pot caliper braking system with vented rear discs,
fully plumbed fire extinguisher system,
wiring for intercom system,
blueprinted engine with Group N adjustable ECU, air intake box and exhaust system,
50 litre competition fuel tank with dual fuel pumps,
competition carbon seats with full harness system,
competition clutch and uprated rear axle,
adjustable platform springs (for height adjustment?) with adjustable competition dampers (both tarmac and gravel spec).

Demand is expected to be very high, and there is no guarantee that they will be available after this year's quota has been reached. I would get your order in *TODAY* if you are interested.


And then for 1999...........

Subject: [iwoc] Prodrive WR-C Specification
From: T Virgehill
Date: 1 Apr 99 10:50:59 BST


Received this from my dealer only a few minutes ago.


On Thu, 1 Apr 1999 00:50:35 -0800 (PST), Raine Brothers wrote:

New Prodrive Car


Due to the unprecedented demand for the 22B-UK and the success of the competing Mitsubishi Lancer EVO, Prodrive in conjunction with Subaru UK and Fuji Heavy Industries are pleased to announce the Prodrive WR-Challenger Turbo 2000.

Since 1989 Subaru and Prodrive have developed, prepared and run first Legacys, then Imprezas in the World Rally Championship. From 1994 Prodrive have offered performance enhancement packages for the Subaru range including the Impreza and Legacy, but now the time has come for Prodrive to develop and manufacture the ultimate rally car for the road. Freed from constraints which must be made on a high volume manufactured Impreza the Prodrive "WR-C" will push back the performance boundaries previously seen on the UK WR Sport package, Japanese WRX STi models and even the mighty 22B! The Prodrive "WR-C" is very much a limited run Group A rally car for the road!

The basis of the car is the 1999 UK specification Subaru Impreza 2000 Turbo which has been passed for all current and future European and Australian safety and emissions requirements. In a newly built facility in Banbury, the cars are stripped completely, with the body, chassis and engine being extensively reworked to become effectively a Prodrive manufactured car.


Specially developed and only available for the WR-Challenger, the engine enhancements boost peak power to over 330bhp at 7,500rpm. Even more impressive, however, is the peak torque of over 320lb/ft at 4,400rpm, with at least 280 lb/ft available from 3,500 to 6,200 rpm. Such is the impact of the changes that a standard 1999 UK specification engine fitted with the "WR-C" performance enhancements will exceed any standard Impreza including the 22B from 3,000rpm right through to the raised 8,000rpm rev limit!

The improved performance is produced through a carefully developed combination of induction, exhaust, engine and engine management modifications learnt from the World Rallying Championship including:-

Internally the engine is stripped down and critical components are checked, blue printed (matched for optimised clearances) or changed for enhanced components. The most radical components which are changed are the crank and piston assembly to stronger and lighter items, and the use of solid valve lifters and replacement camshafts. The fuel rail is also extensively modified.

The clutch has been enhanced as has the gearbox to with stand the improvement in power and torque. As standard a shorter ratio gear box is supplied along with a quick shift.


This prodigious power is responsibly harnessed to the active safety of full-time four wheel drive and a Prodrive developed chassis. The WR-Challenger has a fully seam welded shell taken from the 4 door Subaru Impreza. Unfortunately the 2 door model has not been type approved for the markets envisaged, and there is no plans at present to develop a 5 door model either due to the sacrifices that would be made.

The extra rigidity will be exploited by a newly developed gas adjustable Bilstein damper and ride height adjustable Eibach springs which will enable an owner to lower the car from standard to 75mm below - ideal for the track! A Prodrive developed anti dive is also fitted.

Behind the exclusive Pirelli P-zero shod Speedline 17in alloys, the WR-C is fitted with massive AP Lockheed 6 pot aluminium callipers and reinforced brake line hoses to ensure that it can safely come to rest.


Inside there is no brutish bare cockpit of a rally car. Prodrive Recaro Sport front seats give the ultimate in lateral support for any driving situation with pneumatic lumbar support, integrated height adjuster and head rest for comfort. The rest of the interior is tastefully matched in the same Arista fabric which includes the rear seats and the door trims. Other interior features:-


The WR-Challenger will be offered in two differing body styling packages each tailored to a differing type of customer. Both will feature colour coded door mirrors, side skirts, spoilers, and door handles. The other main features common to both models will be:-

Prodrive is aware that there are customers who want the ultimate rally car for the road but also who do not want to attract attention to themselves. For the discerning customer who strives to blend in with the back ground traffic Prodrive offers the WR-C Turbo Body kit 1 which includes the following options:-

For the customer who wants the ultimate in appearance Prodrive offer the WR-C Turbo Body kit 2 which includes the following options:-

At the time of release there will also be further Prodrive Optional Driver enhancement packs available to tailor the "WR-C" to the owners requirements whether it be for the track, country lanes or commuting to the city. It is hoped that a WRC spin off "fly-by-wire" gear change will be available in time.


Support and warranty in the UK will be undertaken by Prodrive through 12 specially nominated dealers who will service and maintain the cars to exacting and controlled standards. Due to the performance increase the service intervals have been reduced to 3,500 miles but to remain comparable with the Subaru Impreza Turbo it will be sold alongside, an unlimited 3 year warranty will still be provided as a result inside the UK. Other markets are by negotiation. Demand is expected to exceed supply due to the limited manufacturing and preparation facilities available at Prodrive, Banbury. Approximately 1 car per week will be made available to the UK and 1 car per week to other markets.

The Prodrive WR-Challenger Turbo 2000 goes on sale last quarter 1999 priced at 37,500 for the TB1 version with the TB2 version costing 38,000. Prices and specifications for the POD packs have yet to be finalised.

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