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New Impreza Book!

Yes a new book on the Impreza, and it is without doubt an excellent piece of reference material for any Impreza enthusiast.

Impreza Book Rallying Imprezas David Williams

Chapter listing is as follows.

Impreza Book Impreza - By Brian Long

The book is by Brian Long who has written books about the Mazda RX-7, Porsche 944, MR2 and dolls houses amongst other things! The price is currently set at 29.99 but Amazon have a pre-release price of 20.99 (30% discount)

Chapter listing is as follows.

Impreza Book - Contents Contents page

This book in my opinion has taken over from the Chris Rees book listed below as the definitive book for any Impreza enthusiast. It covers the history of Subaru, the cars that came before the Impreza and every aspect of the Impreza life cycle to date. If you want to know where the WRC team came in the 1997 Acropolis rally and the number plates of the cars's here!

Chapter 1 traces the history of Subaru from their origins in 1917 as Chikuhei Nakajima established the Aircraft Research Laboratory through to post war years when the company was renamed Fuji Sangyo Co. Ltd. Aircraft production switched to various industrial products (due to post war restrictions) and the first venture into road going consumer products was seen in June 1946... the Rabbit motor scooter! The chapter than traces the the beginnings of Subaru and their first road cars, and the introduction of the trademark Boxer and along with the 4WD system.

Chapter 2 looks at the 1980s, the decade leading up to the Impreza introduction and sets the scene focusing upon the RX, XT and finally the Legacy.

Chapter 3 covers the Impreza from the initial concept through to 1996. It is here that you see the depth the book goes into with a vast range of Subaru publicity material being beautifully reproduced including Japanese sales brochures. The text comprehensively covers model details and specifications and the collaborative effort with Subaru themselves shows through. The Japanese, UK, USA and Australian markets are all looked at in detail and the yearly changes are well documented even including colour availability! As well as the road car story, the chapter also follows the yearly progression of the official works rally team documenting every World Championship round.

Chapter 4 is similar to chapter 3 but covers the 1997 to 2000 model, or classic facelift as known by enthusiasts.

Chapter 5 is all about the New Age Impreza, and includes the latest facelift.

Impreza Book - page52 Impreza Book - page72 Impreza Book - page80 Impreza Book - page104 Impreza Book - page112 Impreza Book - page156

What will be extremely useful is that the Japanese market is covered quite comprehensively so information regarding the cars seen as grey imports here into the UK will be most welcome. Particular focus is made on the various V-Limited models which have been of much discussion amongst enthusiasts.

Unlike the Chris Rees book, Brian Long makes no effort to look at the after market ownership aspect of the Impreza and the book is much better for it as it would have diluted the information that is here. My only criticism is that some of the information could have been more easily referred to if it had been made as tabular form rather than as part of the main body text (an example here is listing the gear ratio comparisons). Oh and there is another... no mention of IWOC (or any other club for that matter).

Details - Cloth hardback. 250x207mm portrait. 192 artpaper pages. Approx. 300 illustrations mainly colour. ISBN 1-903706-26-2. Buy Impreza - By Brian Long from Amazon here.

Before we had the Veloce Impreza book the following Chris Rees book was the one to have.

Impreza Book You & your Subaru Impreza Turbo By Chris Rees (Buying, enjoying, maintaining and modifying). Quote "covers the full road car and competition history, and will fascinate all fans of this modern-day performance icon". Published by Haynes

This book is a must have accessory to any Subaru Impreza owner. When I first got hold of the review copy of this book, my heart sank. There is so much information in here I felt I might as well close up the web site and retire!

Chris Rees has obtained information from many sources and this includes the original Impreza project team leader at Subaru Japan with history from concept of the original classic to the New Age design released in 2000. Sketches, drawings, photographs of original concepts through to clay and plastic 1:1 models are included.

Being written for the UK reader the second chapter revolves around the development of the "turbo" that was imported here to the UK. The special editions are also covered in this chapter. There are several paragraphs dedicated to the differences of European models along with a page dedicated to Australia and New Zealand.

What is surprising is the amount of detail and history given to the Japanese domestic models in chapter 3. Imported here via the grey market the fact that both Prodrive and Subaru UK have collaborated on this book makes it a real surprise that these models get more than a cursory mention...but a whole chapter! The specification section in the Appendix also comprehensively covers all of the models issued.

The non turbo US market is not forgotten and chapter 4 is given over to that market and their turbo pretender the 2.5RS. It is interesting to see the development of that model from a UK stand point.

Chapter 5 sees Prodrive Performance Vehicles getting a whole chapter to themselves. Did you know that Prodrive were marketing wheels for the Impreza 1.8GL before the turbo even arrived? This chapter also includes the P1.

Chapter 6 looks at the New Age development. Three paragraphs dedicated to those lights ;-)

A book on the Impreza could never forget the reason why it has been so successful and a comprehensive write up of the car in rallysport is well covered in chapter 7.

What to look for when buying, along with maintenance tips is covered in chapter 8 but don't expect a Haynes manual style breakdown! A certain amount of FAQ dejavu when reading this section.

The tuning and modification section can only skirt over the subject really in one chapter. If this is what you are after then I would recommend the Nick Warnes Training Rex book via Scoobymania/MRT which spreads the contents of chapter 9 over a whole book!

Details...Hardcover, 160 pages, 159 colour pics, ISBN 1 85960 825 6.

1. Genesis and evolution
2. The turbo
3. WRX and STi
4. Americas RS
5. Prodrive roadcars
6. New Age Impreza
7. The rally story
8. Ownership and maintenance
9. Tuning and modification
A. Specifications
B. Performance figures
C. Production evolution and production totals
D. Specialist clubs and websites

   click either image to see a larger image of the front of back cover.

I can not recommend this book enough as I found it enjoyable, although one word of warning. The title is a bit misleading as only two chapters are included which relate to the subject of "Buying, enjoying, maintaing and modifying". If it is a comprhensive how to strip the engine down type of manual you are looking for, this is not it. Similarly as stated above the excellent Training Rex book looks into the modifying aspect much better.

Duke VideosSubaru Impreza Turbo 1994-2001 Limited Edition Extra published by Brooklands at the end of September.
The Limited Edition Extra part of the title comes from the fact that this book is actually a limited edition run, printed in smaller quantities due to the restricted market the book will appeal to. 136 pages, black and white throughout including the covers.
Basically the book is a collection of 32 articles from the motoring press from around the world covering the Subaru Impreza. The material is sourced from Autocar, Autosport, Car, Car and Driver, Car Australia, Car South Africa, Cars and Car Conversions, Motor Sport, NZ Classic Car, Open Road, Performance Car, Top Gear, What Car? and Wheels. It is nothing more than a reprint of those articles into a soft covered A4 book.
The first test dates back to 1993 with the newest being from February 2001 of the STi7 from Autocar. Models covered include the RB5, P1, 22B, various Prodrive upgraded cars, standard turbos (from various different World wide perspective), STi7 and STi4 Type R.
For a full review see the IWOC classic posts section.

EVO book Mitsubishi Lancer Evo by Brian Long. Published November 2002 ISBN 1-903706-27-0/UPC 36847-00227-5 Price 29.99/$49.95

Definitive history, including world rallying, of Mitsubishi's incredibly successful 'rice rocket' Evolution - or Evo - models from inception to the present.
Year-by-year coverage of all production models.
Japanese, American, European & Australian markets covered in great detail.
192 artpaper pages and over 250 contemporary pictures, mostly in colour.
The author lives in Japan and had full co-operation from Mitsubishi.

Introduction & Acknowledgements. Chapter One - The Mitsubishi Story (brief history of the marque). Chapter Two - The First Lancers (until mid-1980s). Chapter Three - The Line Matures (mid-1980s to 1992). Chapter Four - An Assault on the WRC (Mitsubishi's involvement in the World Rally Championship). Chapter Five - The Evolution Series (from 1992). Chapter Six - Innovation in Motion (from 1998). Chapter Seven - Into the Millennium (from 2000). Index

Cloth hardback. 250x207mm (portrait). 192 pages. 250 plus illustrations, mainly colour

Subaru specific

The following list is a bit wanting but seems to be the only maintenance based book available for Subarus this side of a 300 official workshop mnual set!

How to keep your Subaru alive by Larry Owens - Not sure about this one, looks a bit old (yet it was published in 1999) and how specific it is to the Impreza I do not know.

Subaru Legacy Automotive Repair Manual - Models Covered : All Legacy Models 1990 Through 1998 : Includes Legacy Outback and Legacy Brighton by Mike Stubblefield, Robert Maddox, John H. Haynes, John haro Haynes

Chilton's Subaru Coupes/Sedans/Wagons 1985-96 Repair Manual (Chilton's Total Car Care Repair Manual) - Published 1996. Again be wary of its coverage of the Impreza.

General engine tuning and car preparation

21st Century Performance by Julian Edgar - This volume is the an international high performance book that covers current automotive technology - how it all works and how to modify modern day cars for best results. It is technical but easy-to-follow for both the non-technical and technical reader. Chapters include: The drive train, electronic engine management systems, modifying engine management systems, programmable management systems, intake systems, exhaust systems, turbo charging and supercharging, intercooling, detonation control, fuel delivery systems, performance testing, suspension and brakes, aerodynamics.

And yes thats an STi Type R on the front cover!

Forced Induction Performance Tuning: A Practical Guide to Supercharging and Turbocharging by A. Graham Bell - This work is aimed at the enthusiast engine tuner and race engine builder. Founded on the author's many years of experience in building, tuning and modifying high-performance engines, it sets out the principles involved in forced induction, supported by tables and numerous illustrations. From basic theory through to building a rugged engine, all the important aspects of supercharging and turbocharging are explained and analysed.

Another book on performance tuning to feature a Scooby on the front cover...things are looking up!

Engine Management by Dave Walker - This manual seeks to unravel the art of engine management in laypersons' terms. It covers: basic fuel and ignition system theory; the basics of carburettor operation, installation, tuning and calibration; ignition timing, fuel injection and engine-mapping theory; selecting, fitting and maintaining engine management system components, and how to deal with installation problems and electronic interference; optimising engine mapping parameters for maximum performance; and details of road and track testing. The manual comes with a free PC floppy disk containing demonstration engine management software.

Turbochargers by Hugh MacInnes - quite an old book (1984) and probably a bit out of date but a good starting point.

Supercharging, Turbocharging and Nitrous Oxide Performance Handbook - by Earl Davis, Diane Davis

Maximum Boost: Designing, Testing and Installing Turbocharger Systems - by Corky Bell

Four-stroke Performance Tuning by A. Graham Bell - A reference book for the enthusiast engine tuner and race engine builder. Drawing on the author's many years of experience in tuning and modifying high-performance road, rally and race units, every aspect of an engine's operation is explained and analyzed. Detailed modifications and improvements are described. New material on electronic fuel injection and computerized engine management systems has been added in this revised edition, and all areas of engine operation are explained and analyzed from air and fuel through carburation, ignition, cylinders, camshafts and valves, exhaust systems and drive trains to cooling and lubrication.

Race and Rally Car Source Book: the Guide to Building or Modifying a Competition Car by Allan Staniforth - This guide has been updated to include recent developments in competition car technology. It gives detailed advice on all aspects of building or modifying competition cars, including suspension and steering, tools and construction techniques, tyres and aerodynamics. This guide also includes full descriptions of push and pullrod suspension, bump-steer and corner weighting.

Competition Car Preparation by Simon McBeath, Gordon Murray - Capitalising on the experience of experts from a wide range of competition categories, this book covers everything from planning, budgeting, driver licensing and tuition, to all the pratical aspects of getting a car and its driver into the best state of preparation affordable for competition, and keeping them that way.

How to Make Your Car Handle by Fred Puhn

Car Suspension at Work by Jeffrey Daniels - The theory and practice of steering, handling and roadholding and their inter-relationship explained in understandable language by a renowned technical author and car- tester.
From the Author
A lot of people 'know' about car chassis design, though they may be hard put to define exactly what constitutes the chassis. They also 'know' about handling, though their conversation quickly reveals a confusion between handling, steering and roadholding. In both cases their confusion is understandable. My aim with this book is to remove that confusion.

World of Rallying

Richard Burns by David Williams - The biography of rally driver Richard Burns, so long in the shadow of Colin McRae but now an acknowledged star in his own right and a genuine rival to the Scot. With his measured approach and flair for publicity he is now a strong contender for the World Rally Championship.

The Real McRae by Colin McRae - This book is written by Colin himself and charts his progression through the lower ranks, his time with Subaru and now with Ford.

Ford and McRae: Focus on the World Rally Championship by Derick Allsop, Colin McRae - This book written with full team co-operation captures the drama and controversy of a first season that exceeded all expectations. It charts Ford's development of the Focus, gives insights into McRae's life in and out of the car and reveals the toil and elation of this sport.

World Rally Championship Guide 2001 by Keith Oswin - Just like the ITV guide on Formula 1. This book offers a fantastic insight into the world of WRC rallying. It has all the information you need to know about the teams, drivers, rallies, and even what happenned in last years championship! From Richard Burns to Gilles Panizzi, from Ford to Skoda, from Monte Carlo to Sweden. It's all in this book!

Pirelli World Rallying 25: (2002-2003) by Martin Holmes, Maurice Selden (Photographer) - Follow the 2002 World Rally Championship from the pen of Martin Holmes. Acknowledged as probably the best yearly annual for WRC coverage. The photographs supplied by Selden are often stunning and also give an appreciation for some of the wonderful areas that rallies take place in.

Other Pirelli World Rallying annuals are available:-
Pirelli World Rallying 16: (1993-1994)
Pirelli World Rallying 17: (1994-1995)
Pirelli World Rallying 18: (1995-1996)
Pirelli World Rallying 19: (1996-1997)
Pirelli World Rallying 21: (1998-1999)
Pirelli World Rallying 22: (1999-2000)
Pirelli World Rallying 23: (2000-2001)
Pirelli World Rallying 24: (2001-2002)

Rally Cars by Reinhard Klein - If you think of yourself as any sort of a world rally fan, you need this book, it's as simple as that. Stunning photography, put together with concise but informative text. Superb.

Rally Navigation by Martin Holmes - Written by an international rally journalist and photographer, this is a collection of interviews with experts covering aspects of present-day rally navigation. This book combines the expertise, experience, and anecdotes of a number of drivers and co-drivers. It covers the equipment, preparation, finance, character suitability, and tricks of the trade, with reference to club/road rallies, the British National Championship/one make series and the British Open Championship - featuring both private and works teams, classic car rallies (stage and road), cross country and desert rallying and rally team co-ordinators. The author is a former professional co-driver and 1971 national champion.

Rallycourse: 2002-2003 by David Williams (Editor) - Containing personality profiles, top ten driver rankings, technical reports and comprehensive results and stage times for each Championship round, this annual provides a photographic record of the World Rally Championship with additional coverage of the European, Open and National Championships.

Track and Roadcraft

Roadcraft by Department of Transport - This textbook is written for police drivers undertaking police driver training and so it should also be useful to any driver wanting to improve their driving skills or take the advanced driving test. Extensive consultation between police and professional organizations has taken place to produce this new and up-to-date version. The advice given applies to a range of vehicles and new features of this edition include: learning goals at the start of each chapter; illustrations and diagrams to explain complex ideas; and prompts, questions and activities to help the learner assess their understanding and progress. Recommended.

The Highway Code by Driving Standards Agency - when was the last time you looked at this??? "The Highway Code" rules are essential reading for anyone who uses the road. This edition contains: new rules and details of changes in the law; expanded sections giving advice to cyclists and horseriders; and a section on traffic law, its effect on road users and penalties for the main offences. It includes a 16-page supplement on "The Theory of Safe and Responsible Driving", which contains additional information for the theory element of the driving test.

The Racing Driver : The Theory and Practice of Fast Driving (Enthusiast Books) by Denis Jenkinson - This is an excellent book for learning the "finer" points of high speed driving. The techniques and approach to the subject apply to both racing and street driving. This is a great book to read first if you want to learn to drive better, or if you wish to read more about the subject, it is a great base to start from.

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