How to remove the front grill

The front grill has to come off to be able to remove the headlights or if you want to change the grill for one of the aftermarket items available.

The grill itself is fixed to the car by a combination of six catches and lugs. Take a medium screwdriver and depress the catch that is in inside the grill and located through the hole in the top (1 in picture below). I found it helped by getting a torch and peering down the hole to see what I was pressing. Gripping the grill around the lip where the arrow head of 3 points and gently pulling in the direction of 2 helps. You should hear a reassuring CLICK. I had one catch fall apart when I did this but it was easy enough to reassemble when the grill was off.

Removing the front grill

Once the catch is released do the one at the other end. The grill should now be able to tilt forward. There are two rubber lugs which are in the centre of the grill that have to clear the front bodywork. The picture below shows the locating point for the catch in the headlight (1) and the rubber lug (2).

Tilt forwards

Again another shot of the catch release (1), the catch itself (2), and its locating hole (3). Also shown is the lower fixing point (4) in the headlight. With the grill tilted in this position you can now pull up to pull the lower lugs from the holes in the headlights either side of the car.

Pull upwards!

A similar view showing the entire grill and the centre locating lugs (5)

Pull upwards!

Here is the front of the car without the grill and the locating points marked.

Look no grill!

To replace the grill ensure the catches are working properly and reverse the above operation. Drop the grill into position into the lower holes and then tilt the grill upright locating the catches in the headlights and the rubber lugs into the body.

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