How to remove the side lights

One of the questions that gets regularly asked is "How do I get to the bulb in the side light?" so this page is a quick how to on the removal of the side light (also known as the corner marker in some markets) to gain access to the bulb.

Take out the small cross head screw that attaches the tab from the sidelight to the top of the headlight.

Remove fixing screw

With your right hand finger tips grip the side of the lens and with your fore finger of the left hand press the tab with your thumb against the face of the headlight (green arow). Pull the sidelight forwards in the direction of the red arrow. You are trying to overcome a moulded ball/socket joint between the sidelight and headlamp (see picture below of reassembly).

Pull sidelight forwards


The above and the following picture show the sidelight "popped" but you still have to carefully manoeuvre the top tab between the wing and the headlight. It is a bit tricky and needs the sidelight wiring to be pulled through the bulkhead a bit to give a bit more freedom.

Sidelight loose

With the lens unit out of the wing you have access to the bulb holder. To refit is the reversal of the above operation. You can see in the following picture the locating pin on the sidelight and its counter part hole in the wing at the top and the ball joint on the sidelight and receptical in the headlight at the bottom. It is this which "pops" into locate the sidelight.
Remember to also put the cross head screw back!

Sidelight refitting

Removal of the other sidelight on the other side of the car is exactly the same.

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