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Totally Unofficial Tuning Tips

You know how your car performs better on a cold wet foggy day? Here are a few tips to recreate that effect.

The top of the range Japanese WRX cars have a water spray in to the intercooler. You too can have such a device on your Impreza turbo. Just reroute the pipes which go to the headlamp high pressure washer! Remember to replace the washer fluid with just water but hey, that washer fluid contains alcohol so leave it in as an octane boosting addative! (oops not so silly as it sounds...see the real IWOC modifications page).

The Ramair filter is a foam based oil impregnated filter. Forget using that and go down to your local super store and buy a suitably sized foam sponge and use that. Do not use oil though as that quite franky is a bit messy but why not use water? Its cheap and again will give that foggy day experience.

Cold air induction systems are ok, but if you have air conditioning why not do a bit of pipework and reroute it into the intake of the engine! For real serious modifications, reroute the output of the turbo into the A/C input.

Handling Tips

Instead of going to the expense of getting your car lowered, just let some air out of the tires! This also has the advantage of putting some more rubber down on to the tarmac so you will have saved yourself the expense of buying those wider alloy/tire set too.

To increase grip in the snow work out your route before hand and then fit the space saver to the side which will get used on the outside of the most bends enroute. If you can, find three friends who will lend you theirs to get that ultimate 1000 Lakes Rally look!

From Paul W. of IWOC "...cheers to the guy who stopped me in Sale and asked me where I got the 'lowered suspension' for my car today.... actually I had just picked up 200 ceramic tiles for my bathroom and put them in the back ! - this could be the cheapest track day mod around at less than 300 quid !! - wouldn't expect very good fuel consumption though :-)"

Brake upgrades

Are you using your pads too quickly? Wearing out the discs? Got squealling brakes every time you stop and get embarressed in traffic? Then apply a layer of Scrudsrot Brake grease to the pads and disc and these problems will be over!* *Braking performance might be impared

Caravan Towing

The best cars in the Impreza range by far for towing must certainly be the Japanese WRX due to its shorter gear ratios. Caravan and Cart Owners Monthly (subscriptions 01234 987654) have awarded the WRX Coupe Type R the best all round towing vehicle award for 1998! "The very short ratio gear box and four wheel drive make it very easy for the driver to pull even the biggest 6 berth out of a soggy field".

It is rumoured that Prodrive are doing a range of performance upgrades including an Eibach Bilstien sprung and dampered tow bar, carbon fibre faired 1 foot side mirror extensions, and 17" alloy Speedline chemical toilet.

Special Editions

There are a couple of rumours circulating as to what next years SE will look like and be called.

As more and more police forces take on the Impreza Turbo as their choice of special pursuit vehicle then it will be a fair bet that next year we will see a white/orange colour scheme on the SE. Both Prodrive and Scoobysportt are rumoured to be developing a roof mounted version of their driving light conversion kit. Following of from this years special which was named Terzo, which is Italian for third, then next years car being the 4th special to be released here in the UK will be called the Police Fourth SE and 999 will be built.

Going back to the first special edition imported, the McRae. It has been reported that the first vehicle submitted to Subaru UK after conversion by Prodrive to McRae spec was rejected for having a smashed rear windscreen, missing front left wing, heavily dented roof, and corregated side panelling. When asked what the hell they were playing at, a Prodrive spokesman was heard to say "Well they wanted a car that looked like it was driven by McRae didn't they?"

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