Impreza Owners Clubs

A mixture of real life and Internet based clubs and pages here.

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Impreza Web Owners Club (IWOC) - 1200 members and rising. Active emailing list with 30 to 70 email a day on all aspects of Impreza ownership. Must be good because its run by me ;-)

Tope Subaru Sites logo Top Subaru Sites around the world. Click to vote for this site.

2.5RS owners club in the USA. Also home of the STi listserver primarily for normally aspirated US models.

I-Club is the second home for Impreza owners in the USA.

22B Owners Club

Belgium association of Subaru Impreza Drivers.

Dutch 555 Club - nice pictures in the Dutch language section.

French Subaru Club - Good alternative for those who wish to speak French.

Club Impreza Turbo Peru - Impreza owners club in Peru South America.

P1WOC - P1 Owners Club

Plieades Club - Impreza and Legacy owners club in Japan.

Scoobynet BBS

Subaru High Mileage Club

Subaru Impreza Drivers Club in the UK

Super Subby Club in New Zealand

Terzo Owners Club in the UK

WRX owners club of Victoria in Australia

NSW WRX owners club in Australia

WRX Club of Queensland's in Australia

Official Subaru Sites around the World

Subaru UK great site but you need Macromedia Flash extensions installed.

Subaru Australia

Subaru USA

Subaru Cyprus which includes information on Japanese WRX specification cars in English!

Subaru Japan home of the WRX and STi. Ensure you stay on the Japanese language section of the site as the English section concentrates on the not so hot export versions!

STiJapanese Subaru Technica International site. Again in Japanese but worth a browse.

Impreza related suppliers

Please note inclusion onto the page in this section does not mean that the following companies are immediately approved/sanctioned/given the Eta Tauri seal of approval! If you would like an unbiased opinion of any of the following companies then please email me. Do not forget to mention this website when contacting the following for information. If you are a commercial company and would like a link to your website, then please see the following for terms and conditions.

My local dealer is quite typical of the official dealer network and is a traditional family business which has been going since the early part of this century. Always a good stock of secondhand Imprezas with keen enthusiastic sales approach......
Quenby Bros. Baldock, Herts

Hazconess in Brunei

MR T logo Middleton Rally Team
The Australian Impreza tuning specialist.

Power Engineering for rolling road tuning.

Protech UK Banner Protech
for SVA preparation, speedo conversion, speed delimiting, radio frequency converters, parts and service.

Scoobymania - when all Imprezas are equal, just that some are more equal than others.Scoobymania
ECU upgrades, AP brakes, downpipes, intercoolers etc.

SPD Tuning Services for those in the USA wishing to upgrade their Subaru.

TSL motorsports logoTSL Motorsports
for servicing to a complete performance rebuild for all European or Japanese specification Subarus. Also Group N rally car preparation.

XSpec motorsports logoX-Spec Motorsport
for Subaru Impreza and Mitsubishi EVO upgrades.

Model Cars

Autosport Models banner logo Autosport Models
Whether it is a plastic kit, die cast model, Scalextric or radio control, Autosport Models can supply you an Impreza! Over 50 die cast models to choose from, in 1:43 and 1:18 which includes not only a comprehensive range of rallying Imprezas but road going cars as well.

Dyno comparison

Dynomite Scoobies is the most comprehensive comparison of Imprezas available. Nearly every rolling road meet has been recorded on this page and is a wealth of information on tuning modifications and their worth.

Car protection

Zymol logo
Protect your pride and joy with probably the ultimate in car care products. As used by Richard Burns!


Car Artz logo
Would you like your pride and joy professionally drawn? Checkout Car Artz for that something special whether it is a framed cartoon or even a T-shirt.


Want that authentic WRC look or just something different? Try DecalFX.

Web Hosting and Resources

Titan banner logo
Titan Internet
for web hosting, domain name registration etc. Titan currently host this site on their servers.

SiteAdd for bulk submission of websites to search engines.


Schofield Insurance for helpful insurance quotes. They know their Imprezas and what an import is!


Miscelleneous Links

John Whittons Homepage which is dedicated to Cosworths and RS's.

Rally-driver.Com for loads of motorsport and car club links.

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