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Modifications (or...So you want something different?)

Please note the following pages are most definately currently in the shop going through its own modifications!

Out of all of the cars that I have owned, the Impreza is the first one which I have been bitten by the upgrade and modifcation bug. It is not that the original car is in need of improving, far from it, but you just want more! So what can you do?

The boring first!

The official and opproved Subaru UK accessory brochure is pretty comprehensive and a good place to start. Items such as air conditioning is expensive but well worth it when it comes down to the hot days of the year (says he who has owned two black cars!) In fact it is a worthy performance upgrade too as you will not be concentrating properly if you are all hot, stuffy and perspiring whilst trying to hustle the car on a journey.

Headlight protectors are available at the fraction of the cost of a headlight itself. Clear plastic they clip over the top.

Side body moulding rubbing strips are useful for those excursions into the super market car parks. Only available in black you do have to have the right coloured car for them to look right. Several members of IWOC report that there are an equivalent available from Ford for the Mondeo saloon which fit quite well (they are stuck on by doublesided foam tape) colour matched to most Impreza colours and easily to trim.

The New Age Impreza introduced in MY2001 format has a very extensive official options list with items suchs as body kits, wheels, spoilers (front and rear), exhausts, suspension and head light upgrades. Items specific to the New Age can be found in its own section for clarity.

Go fast items

Go to Japan or Australia and there is a massive ammount of bits and pieces available. The cars are really a cult over there with everything from exhausts, to boost controllers and replacement turbos. One word of warning though. The Japanese idea on tuning of lots of power at the top end in place of low down driveability might not be to your idea of fun. Also many of the mods will rely on a greater octane rating fuel available in Japan itself. So coming down to earth, for the UK we have.....

  1. Lights
  2. Alloy wheels
  3. Suspension
  4. Brakes
  5. Fuel and Engine management
  6. Air filters and exhausts
  7. Mods for the New Age Impreza

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