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So I thought to myself"I have this free web space what shall I do with it?". When I started writing my first Impreza page on my homepage little did I know what I was letting myself in for. Soon I was being contacted by people who also had the car but could not find any information on the web. Email were being sent to me on a regular basis and useful information was then spread to the others. Our first big scoop was information on the blow off valve problem from Australia, and then the solenoid valve problem associated with over filling with oil came in from France. The Impreza Web Owners Club (IWOC) was born!

Slowly the numbers of members grew, the amount of email coming in was growing also and it was getting to be a full time job redistributing the mail manually to about 20 members (10 email in equalled sending up to 200 email back out a night!). By the time it had reached over 150 addresses (!) I was manually creating a digest everynight....Luckily for my sanity we were able to find a list server to distribute the email for me. Suddenly the amount of information passing between members exploded. After six months we relocated to a freebie list server, which is sponsored by a small advert at the bottom of each post and IWOC has grown from there.

The Impreza WWW Owners Club is made up of Impreza owners or those wanna be owners who are on the never ending waiting list. The club is known as IWOC, is purely Internet based and centres around these web pages with members keeping in contact by subscribing to the IWOC email list server and chat channel. The prerequisite for membership is either an email account or access to the WWW, joining the IWOC list server and primarily ownership or interest in the Subaru Impreza.

Conversely the Subaru Impreza Drivers Club, and the WRX Club in Australia are a more traditional club with meetings and events. Even if you are a member of IWOC you should join your National real life club too and give them support (but don't forget to tell them about IWOC ;-)

Within these IWOC pages you will find details on how to join the IWOC list server , see pictures of members cars, IWOC clusters (members meets), read about members modifications and find links to members home pages.

If you are after more information on the Subaru Impreza, have a look at the Eta Tauri Impreza Reference Site.

Site search of this and the Eta Tauri site for information on the Impreza. Note on searches...do not type in Impreza 22B, or Impreza RB5 because the search engine goes away to find the word Impreza first, and there are a lot of those on these web sites! Much better to just type RB5, or 22B, etc.

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