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If you are a member of IWOC and have access to either a digital camera, or a scanner then contact me (DO NOT SEND without asking me first!!!) to get your car onto these pages! (you might also have to own an Impreza too.... ;-)

All cars are located in the UK unless otherwise stated.

IWOC's very own Doc'...Anders S. has a 22B

22B-STi 3/4 view

See it on the dyno on the clusters page.

East meets West - Andy Ms' WRX STi 4 and Andy Hs' Prodrive

STi4 and Prodrive  STi4 and Prodrive  STi and Prodrive

Double Take! Andy Hs' Prodrive and Stuart Bs' Prodrive

Pair of Prodrives  Pair of Prodrives  Pair of Prodrives 

Andy H has a new car. Bye bye '95 Prodrive, hello WRX!

White WRX side  White WRX rear 

Andy H's WRX meets Tony N's 98 Prodrived UK Turbo!

White WRX side  White WRX rear 

A different Andy H this time and he owns an MY98 5 door with RamAir filter, Scoobysport rear silencer and driving light conversion.

Green 5 door

Bavagnoli As' MY99 Blue Steel Mica in Italy

Italian Blue Steel  Italian Blue Steel Italian Blue Steel Italian Blue Steel

Bill Ps' Terzo

Terzo no.59

Colin Ts' Terzo

Colin T's Terzo 

Colin has a new's the same colour as his old Terzo but a 22B is a little bit faster!

Colin T's 22B  Colin T's 22B 

Craig Ss' MY94 White 5dr in Australia

Craig S1  Craig S1 

The pictures on the beach were taken down in Esperance in WA's south coast

Craig S1  Craig S1 

Mods:- Chipped ECU running 15 psi of boost, full 3" exhaust from the turbo back, very loud, Air Pod Filter and replacement trumpet, intercooler water spray (auto and manual), ceramic paddle clutch, new lightened and balanced billet flywheel (to go in shortly), cold air duct, thicker sway bar from a Twin Turbo Legacy, front spoiler from an STi (copy) stiffer lower springs, Volk Racing Rims 16"x7" on the front & 16"x8" on the back, 205x50x16ZR Goodyear F1 tires, DBA cross drilled and grooved front discs, ventilated rear discs, Momo Steering wheel and gearknob, Jamex pedals, Recaro front seats, Alpine CD player, window tinting. I think that's it...

Daniel S. Hs' a slightly modified MY98 in Taiwan

Daniel S's Terzo 

I will let Daniel tell you about his car......

The first week after getting my car, I went out and modified the dampers and spring then a week after that I modified the muffler and blow-off valve and air filter.. Then came the AFC, ITC, and AVC-R. My future plans are to upgrade the rims and tires and maybe change to a larger turbo..

The AFC is a air-fuel mixture computer.. it can control the fuel ratio of +/- 30 percent in different RPM levels (800, 2400, 400, 5600, 7200).

The ITC is Ignition timing computer it is simular to the AFC in adjustment except it adjusts the timing.

These two computer are very popular in Taiwan because it can let you fine-tune your car after some modifications like the air-filter, muffler, etc.. The only problem.. to make a good tuning, one have to go to a shop that has a dyno to test the hp's.. and they are very expensive.

The AVC-R is a boost controller.. it can make the boost go all the way up to 2.0 kg/mm.. But the Impreza's ECU cuts the gas after it detects a boost of over 1.2 kg/mm so normally we just put the boost at 1.05-1.15 kg/mm..
Daniel S. H.

Derek B's early WRX - note the black wing and hood scoop.

Early red WRX  Early red WRX  Early red WRX 

Fabiano Rs' white MY98 Impreza Turbo from Brazil.

Brazillian Turbo  Brazil 

"This is one of only 15 or so cars sold here in Brazil, from '96 to '98 models.

Engine/ drivetrain
-custom stainless steel downpipe
-RTech backbox
-remapped ECU, 1.1bar boost
-Prodrive intercooler hoses
-75hp nitrous oxide injection
-ceramic clutch
Estimated max.power 320hp

-"Prodrive" geometry settings
- 2 degrees front negative camber
-poly bushes on front suspension arms
-Anti-lift kit and sway bar links (Whiteline Australia)

-door handles/ mirrors/ skirts color matched
-STi IV style rear wing
-clear side repeaters

-turbo gauge with MRT Gauge pod
-PIAA "Plasma Blue" bulbs

To do list
-front mounted intercooler
-big brake conversion
-Prodrive/ OZ 17'' wheels
-front STi IV spoiler


Frédéric Ts' "White Demon" in France.

French White GT Turbo 

Gail Bs' 98 2.5RS Coupe (yes not a turbo!) from the USA

RS Coupe  RS Coupe  RS Coupe 

Garrie Ms' Silver Impreza Turbo

Silver Turbo  Silver Turbo  Silver Turbo at Knockhill Now sporting a Prodrive rear wing circulates Knockhill 

Gary Fs' German MY99 turbo "Classic" Special Edition

turbo classic  turbo classic  turbo classic  turbo classic 

Garry Ps' Terzo

Another Terzo Before oops After

So he went and bought another.....

A new Terzo  A new Terzo  A new Terzo 

HCs' STi v4

STi v 4 

"The modifications i have done are changing to Sard Ex Airfilter, Apex Blow-off Valve, Kakimoto Muffler, kg/mm DR sport springs and NGK Racing Spark Plug #7. The car is also fitted with volts, oil temp, oil press, boost and defi rev/speed meter.
In the coming month, i will also fit the Field Hyper-R (fuel controller), and exhaust temp. gauge + a boost controller. Right now, the boost is 1.2 bars (occasionally overboost to 1.45 bars) and with a top speed of 260 km.

STi v 4 

Harry de Gs' 555 in Holland

Dutch 555 Special   Dutch 555 Special   Dutch 555 Special   Dutch 555 Special

Jean-Pierre J in France

Dutch 555 Special

My car is a green MY99 (see pic.), modifications:

John R had a very close encounter!

It with great sadness that I have to report the loss of my beloved Subaru. Although its death was mercifully swift, it was Impreza-slaughter nevertheless. The fatal accident happened on Thursday January 16 at 1020 hrs at Kincardine on Forth when a 8-wheeler ERF lorry rear-ended the car as it waited to turn into its chow-line (a filling station). Although the knock-on effect caused a further fatality in the form of M-reg Fiesta, no other injuries were sustained. A charge of Impreza-slaughter is awaited for the ERF driver.


John Ss' Terzo

includes 17in Supertorismo alloys.

Another Terzo 

Julian Bs' Red 4 door turbo

Jules red turbo 

Keith Hs' Catalunya around Knockhill

Cat on the track  Cat on the track 

Kevin Ts' 1997 2.2ltr Subaru Impreza Outback Sport Wagon

Outback Sport Wagon  Outback Sport Wagon  Outback Sport Wagon

Modifications: Prime Rims, Dual exhausts muffler (Pacesetter), PIAA fog lights, Turn3 Intake system, WRX-SH RA suspension and rear sway bar, Racing stripes, Subaru decals.

Outback Sport Wagon

The exhaust has now been changed for a Remus and further details and pictures can be seen on Kevins web site.

Mark Rs' MY95 WRX

Silver MY95 before and then three weeks later... Silver MY95 after  Silver MY95 after 

Martin Bs' MY98 WRX in Hong Kong


Miguel Gs' 2001 RX, 125bhp, AWD in Caracas (Venezuela) in South America


Miguels says about his car...

I dont have a special modifications in my car, only a emergency equipment and radio transceiver (i´m a radio amateur, and fire rescue volunteer, here in Caracas).

The emergency equipment is:

The comunications equipment is:

My car is the best volunteer an comunications equipped in all venezuela for the emergency use. The color of my car is blue original of subaru, being the only one in all Caracas in having this model in this color. In my country Subaru is a small mark that every day is but famous for its quality.

Mike Rs' MY98 with PIAA driving lights

MY98 with PIAA  MY98 with PIAA 

Miles' MY98 5 door

MY98 5 door  MY98 5 door

Neil Ms' RB5 with performance enhancement pack

RB5  RB5

Neil Rs' Blue STi coupe Type R

WRX STi type R  WRX STi type R 

You can also see pictures of Neils car on the dyno on the clusters page, plus it features on the WRX Frenzy page of the Impreza Reference site.

Paul As' WRX STi 4 Type R

WRX STi 4 type R

Perry Rs' WRX Club Spec Evo 2 from Melbourne Australia

WRX Club spec evo 2 

Peter Cs' MY99 in Northern Ireland

Red NI MY99  Red NI MY99 

Ralph Zs' 1996 Australian WRX - nice wheels

Australian WRX  Australian WRX

Romeo Ds' 1998 Special Edition from Austria

Austrian SE  Austrian SE 

Another Doctor! Dr. Sam E's silver MY99 with anti lift kit, Scoobysport rear spoiler, Falkland Performance downpipe and backbox. The car is a personal import from Begium.

silver MY99  silver MY99 

Sean Ts' MY93 WRX

MY93 WRX black 

Simon Hs' 1993 Impreza WRX Type RA, New Zealand. Roll Cage, Underbody Protection, Rear Wing, No Mods.

MY93 WRX interior  MY93 WRX red  MY93 WRX drag race 

Steve As' Terzo with boat in tow!

Terzo and boat 

Steve Bs' P1


Spec of car is standard P1 plus Alcon brakes, Morette twin beam headlights and side rubbing strips. Currently running 215/40/17 Toyo F1 Proxes. Further details and views on the Steves P1 page.

Steve Hs' MY2003 STi UK

MY03 STi UK 

Theo Ms' Stars 25 in Holland

Stars 25 
Model (year, shape): MY99 Subaru Impreza GT-Turbo Stars25 L.E.
Colour: Bluesteel (STi Coolgrey)
Engine: ITG Filter,
Suspension: Leda B
Exhaust: Scoobysport BB & Downpipe
Interior: Black/Blue alcatara (same as RB5 & 22B)
Wheels: MIM 7x17 (Scoobysport) & Bridgestone S02 PP 215/40/17
Others: Scoobysport WRC wing (carbon)
Gauges-VDO: Oilpressure,Oiltemp,Turboboost
Strutbar OMP
STi fog light covers
Pink STi front badge
STi side badges
STi rear lights (red/white)
WRC Carbon mirrors
Clear side repeaters
Stinger Ventura Radar Detector
Audio: PioneerKEH P7800R & 6-CD changer !

Tony Ns' WRC Kit Car (radio controlled!)

555 radio controlled!  555 radio controlled

Tony Ns' Prodrived Impreza

Reddish Blue Prodrive side view  Reddish Blue Prodrive side view  Reddish Blue Prodrive rear view  Reddish Blue Prodrive rear view

Tosiyuki Ns' Impreza and Legacy Turbos in Japan

Japanese Impreza  Japanese Impreza & Legacy

Yvo Ts' GT Turbo 555 from the Netherlands

Dutch 555 Special

Further pictures of members cars can be found on the Clusters page and also in the Eta Tauri Reference Section.

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