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The RA is again the vehicle of choice for conversion to a rally car and only comes in a white 4 door bodyshell. It is lighter (30-50kg) and makes do without some of the frills of the standard STi model such as electric windows, air conditioning, central locking, incar entertainment, rear wash/wipe etc. They feature harder suspension, and a 13:1 quick steering rack compared to 15:1 of the standard. The trademark RA rally style roof vent is there as usual.

There are two versions available, one with the same differentials as the STi, and the other features a mechanical rear plus an adjustable center differential. This version also loses the HID lights, Bembo brakes, ABS and 17in wheels but is 20kg lighter than the fully equipped RA which itself is 30kg lighter than the standard STi. Unlike previous RA, the New Age RA has the same gear box ratios as the standard STi.

STi RA spec C

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The STi RA Spec. C was released for MY2002. 90kg lighter than the standard STi, the interior looses incar entertainment, airbag and aircon as usual. The version on 17in wheels comes with BBS alloys, but note the version of the RA on 16in *steel* wheels (and non Brembo brakes)! Adjustable diff as per previous RA only comes on the 16in model, the 17in getting ABS instead. Standard RA rally roof vent. 50 litre petrol tank. No HID headlights either.

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A ball bearing turbo, revised ECU and different cam shafts saw the Spec. C engine power output remain at 280PS but torque increase to 384Nm. As well as an engine oil cooler the Spec. C also features an oil cooler for the transmission oil!

The Spec. C features thinner body panels and thinner glass to increase the power to weight ratio. Trim from inside the car is removed, with the boot having no deadening material at all. A lightweight bumper beam is also employed to reduce weight but increase rigidity.

See the Subaru Japan RA page for further details but be aware it is in Japanese.

The RA saw a special limited edition in May 2002 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the company. Called the S202 it boasts 320PS (at 6400rpm) with 385Nm (at 4400rpm) on tap and is the first car to officially break the Japanese gentlemans 280PS agreement. Only 400 cars are planned to be produced and by August 2002 it was suggested all had been sold. The S202 has the following distinguishing features....

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For further info (if you can read Japanese) see the Subaru S202 page.

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