WRX Frenzy

Japanese specification WRX

The WRX is the base turbo in Japan and has a better specification to the similar turbo available here in the UK. The exterior bodywork followed the same development in both markets but the Japanese version saw colour coded mirrors and door handles as standard. Power outputs diverged quickly on the 4 door models, with the final models on the classic MY2000 Impreza having a full 280PS, compared to 215PS on the UK car. Another feature that all of the Japanese models have over the Imprezas built for export is the wiper on the rear windscreen. Inside full automatic climate control is found along with a combined CD and radio on later models.

White WRX rear

Note the colour coded mirrors and rear wash/wiper. Andy has gold wheels but these are not standard, he swapped his silver wheels with another member. Andy also removed the WRX logo badge and here's why!

WRX logo

WRX '98 Specification

280PS@6500rpm, 240ft torque@4,000rpm, redline 7500rpm
Gearing 1=3.166 2=1.882 3=1.296 4=0.972 5=0.738 Final Drive = 4.444.
WRX Suspension
Die Cast Alloy Wishbones
16" Alloys
Vented Brake Discs
ABS Brakes
Power Steering
A/C Climate Control
CD & Cassette Player
MOMO Steering Wheel
Drivers AirBag
Electric Windows
Electric Ariel & Mirrors
Aluminium Bonnet & Boot
Rear Wash Wipe
Lower Boot Spoiler
Front Fog Lights
Revised Dash Layout (including centre map reading lights)
Leather Gear Boot & Handbrake
Height Adjustable Seats
Colour Coded Mirrors.

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