Driving lights and bulbs?

Yes lights. These were the first thing after I bought my car that I improved. There is no point in having the fastest car in the world if at night you can not see on those country lanes. With the usage being probably at night you have to gin that lost 50% of power ;-) The first thing you should do is replace the standard H4 bulbs with either some Xenon Plus (30% brighter) or some PIAA Super White bulbs (these may be illegal in some countries). These work at the same wattage and amperage to the standard H4 and do not risk over heating the plastic reflectors or rather economic wiring. IWOC member Andrew Batters is able to supply the Xenon Plus at trade prices to Impreza owners wishing to see at night!

Driving lights are available in kit form from a number of sources and they replace the relatively useless foglights. The foglights are very wide dispesion and only illuminate the verge and road in front of the car upto about 2 metres if that. The driving lights illuminate much further by the design of the lense and reflector to reach out to several hundred metres. Coming on in tandem when high beam is selected the difference is really night and day as 2x130W is added to the meagre 2x65W!

Cibie Oscar Plus driving lamp conversion (from Scoobysport) plus note the headlight protectors

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