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Here are some pictures of a silver WRX awaiting delivery at my dealers, Quenbys. It has been fitted with every body kit addition available from the Subaru catalogue as well as a Prodrive rear silencer and dark tinting on the windows. I would approximate this little lot cost around 1500 !


Featuring the sports grill with blue Subaru badge, grill side mouldings, front under spoiler, and side bumper flashes.


Along the side just before the rear wheels are the rear sill extension mouldings. Note the dealer has also colour coded the sills to match the body colour. Leaving them black with the silver mouldings would look very odd!

At the rear we find side bumper flashes. It is interesting to compare the rear end of the New Age WRX with an older red MY2000 turbo sitting alongside.


Moving down to a lower viewpoint we can now see the Prodrive single exit silencer plus the rear underspoiler (diffuser) moulding.



The Prodrive manufactured WR items as supplied on the UK300 are now also available as after market items for any Impreza. Seen here at Quenbys is a green WRX kitted out with the aformentioned along with colour coded sills, WR rear silencer, window tinting and Subaru aftermarket lowered springs.


Up front the Prodrive WR headlights and front lip spoiler.


At the rear the Prodrive UK300 style spoiler (who mentioned Thunderbirds?)


Gold Prodrive OZ 18inch alloys are fitted wrapped with 225/40ZR18 Goodyear rubber. The effect of the lowered suspension struts and springs (clearly visible in red behind the wheels) can be seen nicely filling the top of the wheel arch.


At the tail we find a Prodrive WR silencer.

The price of the car seen here is 25,995 which is not bad when you realise the options included.

Quenbys also currently have the lights, front and rear spoiler on special offer when bought as a package. If you are interested in upgrading your existing car give them a ring.

Here is another car they have adapted. Based upon the 2 litre normally aspirated GX Impreza they have created a Quenbys Special Edition which they are calling the GX RS.


The specification includes RS badging, the Prodrive WR headlamps, WR rear spoiler, 17 inch alloys and metallic paint. The car seen here has also had the interior trim colour coded to match. At the same price for the normal GX, this is good value considering the 2,400 worth of extras thrown in.


Not forgetting the 5 door, this example was seen in the paddock during the SIDC Summer Extravaganza 2002 meeting at Donington.

MY01 5 door

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