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Options available for the new WRX are not only limited to official dealership goodies. The Impreza tuning specialists are already developing kit for the New Age Impreza and Scoobysport are one such company.

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Seen here during an SIDC trackday at Donington is their demonstrator/development vehicle. The specification is as follows...

The full exhaust revitalises the turbo engine which has been choked into submission by regulations and the kick in the pants as the turbo kicks in, something lamented by old style Impreza owners, has been restored! The Leda suspension makes use of the much stiffer chassis to give the Impreza even better handling and surpassing aparently anything achievable on the older model. To exploit all of this larger 18in Speedline alloys are fitted. If you are going faster then braking faster also makes sense and Scoobysport already have a Brembo 4 pot brake kit and 305mm rotors to bring you to a halt. Replacing the standard 4 pot cast iron items on the WRX means that there is better fade resistance because these calipers are manufactured from aluminium which can disipate the heat away from the pad much quicker. Also the larger rotor gives more stopping power due to great mechanical advantage. The rear spoiler raises the looks of the car up above the normal, whilst the Hella HID make normal driving light conversions pale in comparison.

Scoobysport now offer a revised rear light cluster as well as the Morrette twin beam front headlights. When on they give a round lens glow akin to the Skyline or Lexus rather than the normal WRX reflector. Seen here with the Scoobysport rear wing, and exhaust silencer.


Based near Nottingham, TSL can supply their own version of the WRC wing.


Seen here is the same wing fitted to the TSL demonstrator along with Lexus style rear light clusters.

Scooby Mania of Nottingham have their own wing with a uniquely shaped cross member.


Their demonstrator STi is seen here with clear indicator lenses, STi foglamp covers, blue reflector blanking plates, 19in OZ super Leggeras alloys, H&R lowering springs and AP Racing 6 pot brake calipers up front. The 19in OZ wheels are actually lighter (at around 1.5kg each) than the 17in OEM alloys fitted to the STi and will also clear the large Brembo calipers fitted as standard.

Light upgrades

The Morrette headlight replacement set which allows owners to get rid of the bug-eyed look of the New Age car is available from Scoobysport, Scooby Mania, and TSL.

The picture below shows the same headlight replacement set but partially colour coded body colour in different ways to give differing appearances. Note also the white reflector on the wing in place of the normal orange one and a false vent style on the second picture.


Newly released in 2002 we saw a revised Lexus style rear light cluster. Two styles have been seen so far the first available from TSL and the second from Scoobysport.


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