MY2000 - Year 2000 Impreza 2000 Turbo AWD

The MY2000 release across the world followed a similar pattern as seen with the MY99. First seen in Australia and then in LHD form in Europe with a public showing in the UK at the UK Motorshow in November. Note new alloys, plus new red mica colour.

Differences from the MY99 are minor and additional to the 1998/9 specification we have in the UK:-

The 22nd September 1999 issue of Autocar had a scoop two page article with pictures of a slightly modified WRX Type R also confirming the er... fact that there are rumours ;-) The article had some wild inaccuracies which could be pulled to pieces by any Impreza enthusiast.....anyway two weeks on...

Autocar 6th October 1999 front page!

Autocar magazine (subscriptions 01795 414816) made up for the previous inaccuracies by bringing the ultimate scoop in a 6 page article on the Prodrive P1, a car predicted upon these very pages. Developed from an STi type R, it is modified for UK (and European) tastes to specifications laid out by Prodrive who were the catalysts for the project. For further details have a look at the P1 page.

To see further pictures from the show of other Subarus and non Subarus have a look at my Motor Show pictures page.

With the P1 being released there was no turbo special edition in 2000 but it was the turn of the 2 litre Sport to get the Special Edition treatment. The standard Sport is upgraded :-

Compare the standard red mica Sport picture with the black special editions.

SO...what about the WRX STi range?

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Yellow is back! There is also a bi-plane rear wing on some of the models which looks way over the top in my opinion.

IWOC member Cameron Leask has a translation of the Japanese Subaru site which has now released details of the STi version 6 (but as always it is only in Japanese).

Reading the specifications there do not seem to be many changes, the only significant ones being...

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