MY2006 Impreza AWD

The 2006 model is the third facelift of the New Age Impreza. Taking the chassis advances of the MY2005 model and combining it with a new front end and engine packages. This is the first Impreza to be styled by the Italian and ex Alfa designer Andreas Zapatinas.

Impreza WRX STi Type-UK Gains:

Impreza WRX Gains:

The WRX SL variation continues with leather interior and electric sunroof as standard for £1,500 more than the standard model.

New for 2006 is the R model featuring an uprated 2.0 litre normally aspirated engine, taking over from the outgoing 2005 GX. Two variants of the R are available, an entry level 5 door model and several Sport models featuring an automatic gearbox option.

Impreza R specification:

For further details see the official UK press release.

The following press releases were made in the UK regarding the MY2006.

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