Impreza P1 by Prodrive

How its made

The P1 is manufactured at the Fuji Heavy Industries Yajima Factory in Ota City Japan. Not only does the same production line produce all variants of the Impreza but the Forester is also produced on the same line. Just in time principles are used with parts delivered by robotic truck on a per car basis and it is likely to see a Forester following an STi, followed by a 5 door wagon. As stated above in previous sections, the P1 is a mix and match parts bin exercise utilising strengths from both the UK Turbo and the STi range and so it is fairly easy to build one alongside all of the other variations. The problem arises where those parts are non standard, requiring specialised processes, and an increase in inventory for the Japanese plant for a relatively low volume car. 1000 cars a low volume? Yes it is when you consider that the line it is produced upon manufactures over 1000 cars a DAY. So the cars are built upto and finished to a final specification ready for shipping to the UK.

This includes...

When the car P1 arrives in the UK specially trained Subaru staff will carry out all suspension and interior and exterior enhancements at the company's, 3.5 million pound vehicle distribution centre in Quedgeley, Gloucestershire. Two man days (hope there is more than one man on the job) are spent on each car bringing it upto P1 specification. Items added or changed:-

P1 at the London Motorshow

The P1 was centre stage on the Subaru stand at the 1999 London Motorshow.

The P1 and WRC show car (note NOT the same colour).

Peter Stevens front spoiler (still not too sure about it) and Hella spotlights.

The titanium effect wheels from OZ Racing look nice. It is a shame that the brakes are the same as the standard Impreza with 295mm diameter discs and 4 pot Subaru calipers.

Prodrive rear wing as designed by Peter Stevens.

To see further pictures from the show of other Subarus and non Subarus have a look at my Motor Show pictures page.

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