Impreza P1 by Prodrive

P1 vs UK/Euro/Aus Spec Turbo vs STi - the differences

So how does the P1 compare to the UK turbo, and the various Sti models? What are the differences in the specifications?
FeatureP1UK/Euro/AusSTiSTi R
Body2 door4 or 5 door 4 or 5 door2 door
Colour coded side skirtsyesnoyesyes
Rear windows extra tintnononoyes
Electric foldback mirrorsnonoyesyes
Electric aerialnonoyesno
Auxillary lightsHella drivingFogOptionOption
Rear wash/wipe on saloonyesnoyesyes
Headlamp washersyesyes (UK)nono
Aluminium bonnetyesnoyesyes
Wheel size205/45/17205/50/16205/50/16205/50/16
InteriorRHD onlyRHD & LHDRHD onlyRHD only
Rev. counter/speedo layoutSpeed centre in mph, Rev counter (smaller) to rightSpeed centre in mph, Rev counter (smaller) to rightRev counter centre, Speed (smaller) to right in kphRev counter centre, Speed (smaller) to right in kph
Alcantera cloth seatsyesnoyesyes
Bright switchyesyes (UK)nono
Climate control/ air conditioningmanual air con.manual air con. optionauto climate controlauto climate control
Power output280ps215ps280ps280ps
STi engineyesnoyesyes
Intercooler water spraynononoyes
Electronic centre differentialnononoyes
Exhaust exit pipesingletwinsinglesingle
No. catalysts1211
Gear 1st3.1663.4543.1663.083
Gear 2nd1.8821.9471.8822.062
Gear 3rd1.2961.3661.2961.545
Gear 4th0.9720.9720.9721.151
Gear 5th0.7380.7380.7380.825
Gear reverse3.3333.3333.3333.333
Gear final4.4443.9 front 3.545 rear4.4444.444
Front strut braceyesnoyesyes
Aluminium lower suspension armsnonoyesyes

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