Impreza P1 by Prodrive

P1 in the wild

Deliveries of the car were disrupted by a number of supply problems. The first batch was held up due to paint problems on the Prodrive designed front lip and rear top section spoilers. March saw the first cars being delivered to dealers but very quickly owners were reporting to an egg shell strength to the paintwork on the front lip spoiler. A problem with the moulding was discovered and deliveries of the car were halted whilst a solution was found.

Late April saw a recommencement of delivery. These included some cars fitted with Armafend plastic protective coating on the lip spoiler. Unfortunately a few months later in June customers were seeing paint bubbles on the rear wing, in particular around the P1 logo. It is thought that this is due to the paint not keying to the underlying surface of the moulding due to release agent from the manufacturing process not being cleaned off properly.

P1 paint bubble

Customers were even taking delivery of cars with bubbles on the spoiler! Deliveries were again halted with cars reportedly stacking up at the Quedgley depot minus the rear top section of the spoiler. Subaru UK/Prodrive now had a problem, whether to send out replacements to customers or to fit them to the existing cars sitting in stock. A solution seems to have been found with new cars being initially supplied with the standard STi5/6 item whilst replacements wing their way out to those customers with bubbles.

Is it an STi or P1?

Unfortunately it seems that the P1 rescue package might have come too late. The initial enthusiasm for the P1 has died and some customers have looked elsewhere during the wait. Also quite a few potential owners have been shocked by the low trade in value they have been offered and again decided against changing. The imminant arrival of the MY2001 was initially worrying but the publics reaction to the new shape has brought these prices back up slightly and a resurgence in interest in the outgoing shape.

There has also been reported problems regarding the Prodrive brake upgrade. With the ultimate brake set-up in mind the calipers were initially supplied with Ferrodo DS3000 pads. The dust generated by these is extremely difficult to clean off, with reports of alloys being attacked and bodywork requiring respray! A less corrosive DS2000 pad is now supplied as standard with a little loss in braking performance.

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