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Body styling

MY97 Prodrive Impreza

The Impreza Turbo is pretty aggressive already with the massive intercooler air scoop and the false air vents on the bonnet. Prodrive have offered a number of body styling items and packages which have developed along with the Impreza. For example pre MY99 the rear wing was a low boot mounted item so Prodrive offered a high rear wing option but in 1999 this was then introduced as standard on the turbo so a higher more sporting wing was developed. The following pictures follow the development of the packages.

MY97 Impreza WR by Prodrive

High rear wing, PIAA driving lights conversion (replaces the front fog lights), and colour coded skirts and mirrors.

Reddish Blue Prodrive side view  Reddish Blue Prodrive 
MY98 Prodrive Impreza (Copyright © Tony Nesta)

Front lip spoiler introduced. This example uses the standard 16" alloys which were introduced with this variant.

MY99 Impreza WR by Prodrive (Copyright © Steve Breen)

The front bumper on the standard MY99 changed to be slightly more aerodynamic so the lip spoiler was no longer needed, plus the rear wing was now new rear wing. All parts are available separately but they are available together as an "Exterior Package" currently consisting of (1999/2000)...

© Steve Breen

PIAA Driving lights

The driving lights mentioned replace the front mounted fog lights, and come on in tandem with the main high beam. Some dealers have been known to fit these incorrectly, wiring them straight into the fog light switch and thus turn on and off independent with the high/low beam dip switch. This makes it extremely difficult and dangerous to turn the driving lights off with on coming traffic, and it is also illegal to run the lights in this way as supplementary lights of this type must be only on during high beam.


Although the standard car is good, like the body styling the chassis has developed over the years and Prodrive have remained one step ahead. The MY96 and earlier cars not only had a change of dampers and springs but also included a thicker anti roll bar. This was made standard in 1997 and so a new lowered suspension (by 20mm) was introduced. Reset the camber and tracking to Prodrive settings, and this thing drives as if on rails. There is almost no roll when cornering yet its amazingly not harsh over the inevitable pot holes and bumps.

The springs are supplied by Eibach and the dampers are supplied by Bilstein. Prodrive themselves have extensive in house test facilities and developed the ultimate combination for spring rate and valve settings on the dampers.


The original gear shift was extremely long for a car with sporting aspirations but that gear shift problem has been sorted now with what must be one of the most popular items from Prodrive, the Quickshift gear change. This replaces the gate mechanism and shortens the throw allowing much faster gear changes to be undertaken. It should be noted though as before the Impreza has been developed by Subaru the standard gear lever throw has reduced to the extent it is of marginal improvement on 99 and 2000 cars.

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