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Duke VideosThe Subaru Impreza Story. Road, track and rally action, featuring the Subaru Impreza. Visit trackdays at Donnington, Knockhill and the Silverstone TRAX 2000 Festival with the SIDC members. Take a trip to Prodrive to see the WRC cars being prepared and hear from David Lapworth, Technical Director why he thinks the Impreza is the car it is today. Ride with many of the leading drivers such as Colin McRae, Richard Burns, Stig Blomqvist and Hanu Mikkola in the WRC, and Gill Gwynne in the WRX.
Now also available on DVD at £15.99 with added extras including a 22B lap of the Nurburgring, even more in car footage with Colin McRae and Richard Burns during their WRC campaigns and an interview with Colin in 1995 after he won the World Rally Championship. Well worth the difference.

Duke Videos Worlds Greatest Rally Cars Action, driver insights and loads of info on the giants of Group B plus modern day Audi, Lancia, Ford, Subaru and Mitsubishi. DVD version.also available.

Duke Videos Rally World 2000 An unusual behind-the-scenes look at the 2000 World Rally Championship with the lowdown on the major teams, engineering updates, back ground and mind-blowing on-board footage.

Mobil 1 Rally Mobil 1 British Rally Championship 2000 - Also available on DVD.

Duke Videos RAC Rally 1994 Featuring all the best action from the 1994 Network Q RAC Rally which saw British driver Colin McRae come home as the winner. Includes in-car film footage and free pace notes for would-be competitors.

Duke Videos RAC Rally 1995 The 1995 Network Q RAC Rally was one of the most exciting for years as joint favourites and Subaru team-mates Carlos Sainz and Colin McRae made their final bid to clinch the World Championship rally driversí title. McRae in the powerful Subaru Impreza was coolly determined, aiming to win his home event twice in succession ...and become Britainís first World Rally Champion. Sainz had already conquered the RAC twice before and was not to be easily shaken off. Enjoy the very best action in this official and comprehensive review of the 1995 Network Q RAC rally. Share in the tension with our on-board cameras as drivers go for gold. This record of a highly memorable RAC is not be missed!

fia95video FIA World Rally Review 1995 - Highlights of the best action from the 1995 World Rally Championship. Colin McRae becomes the first man in Britain and the youngest ever World Champion.

fia96video FIA World Rally Review 1996 - Highlights of the best action from the 1996 World Rally Championship. Colin McRae takes the Group A Impreza on to win its second World Championship (Manufacturers).

fia99video FIA World Rally Review 1999 - The Official FIA World Rally Championship Video Review. It includes the best action from the fourteen rounds. Drivers include Richards Burns and Colin McRae.

FIA World Rally Review 2000
FIA World Rally Review 2001

Max Power video Max Power 4 - Beasts from the East - Max Power Magazine in Japan with a 1000bhp Skyline, a Top Fuel Honda Civic and the most insane Subaru Impreza on the planet!

fia99video Crash Kings Rallying 4 - Thrills and spills from the world of rallying.

The following Jeremy Clarkson videos and DVDs are great entertainment and well worth a look plus several feature the Impreza!

At Full Throttle
Head to Head (DVD)
Apocalypse Clarkson
Extreme Machines
Top 100 Cars
Fast and Furious and Fast and Furious 2 (includes Tiff Needell)

The Most Outrageous Jeremy Clarkson Video In The World...Ever

As well as Jeremy, Top Gear presenter Tiff Needell also has a couple of videos....

Dangerzone (DVD)
Burning Rubber (DVD)

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