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This page will keep a record of updates to the site with the newest at the top. Please also see the News and Scoop pages as changes there will not be reflected here.

  1. 9th October 2005 - MY2006 model series page added.
  2. 12th November 2004 - MY2005 model series page added.
  3. 10th March 2004 - MY2004 model series page added.
  4. 9th March 2004 - Scoop motoring news page added. A new general motoring news section.
  5. 14th December 2003 - My P1 page updated.
  6. 3rd August 2003 - Impreza by Brian Long book review added to the books section.
  7. 14th June 2003 - IWOC against cancer statistics updated. It is your chance to donate free CPU time to the search for a cure.
  8. 25th May 2003 - How to section expanded on how to remove the headlights.
  9. 19th May 2003 - My P1 has its first MOT.
  10. 27th April 2003 - How to section added. In particular building up slowley with side light and front grill removal.
  11. 24th April 2003 - My P1 has now been upgraded with Morette headlights.
  12. 4th April 2003 - MY2003 WRX and STi test drive.
  13. 3rd April 2003 - MY2003 section revamped with press releases now reorganised.
  14. 30th December 2002 - STi UK information brought upto date regarding PPP.
  15. 3rd November 2002 - BOV information added to technical section.
  16. 12th October 2002 - New project launched by this site to generate a UK Applied Model Code list.
  17. 26th September 2002 - MY2003 page updated with latest information from Paris.
  18. 11th August 2002 - GX Sport added to the MY2002 page.
  19. 11th August 2002 - Quenbys GX-RS special edition added to the New Age Mods page.
  20. 11th August 2002 - Dedicated MY2003 page introduced for rumours, news and ...rumours.
  21. 14th July 2002 - Modified 5 door added to the New Age upgrades page.
  22. 14th July 2002 - Rear light clusters and alternative wings added to the New Age 3rd party upgrade page.
  23. 14th July 2002 - Team Dynamics Vector added to the wheels upgrade page.
  24. 14th July 2002 - AP Racing, Brakeman and Scoobysport 4 pot calipers added to the brake upgrades page.
  25. 13th July 2002 - SIDC Summer Extravaganza
  26. 24th May 2002 - Nikko iRC Subaru WRC added to the models page. Only 44mm long and remote control pretty amazing!
  27. 14th May 2002 - New Age grey import page updated with information upon the STi Ltd and STi RA Spec C S202.
  28. 14th May 2002 - Where to get you grey import serviced page updated.
  29. 11th May 2002 - Test drive of STi UK Prodrive Style.
  30. 28th April 2002 - IWOC against cancer page updated.
  31. 21st April 2002 - Ready to run radio control WRC Imprezas added to the models page.
  32. 14th April 2002 - my P1 page updated.
  33. 6th April 2002 - Mods section updated with Movit brakes and various alloys.
  34. 5th April 2002 - Anti virus news page added to the site

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