Model designation

So how do you know exactly which version you have, and how much power it puts out as standard? The table below gives details of the 7 digit applied model code which can be found on the manufacturers vehicle identification plate, usually on the passenger side suspension strut tower inside the engine bay. It is decoded in the following way for the pre New Age Imprezas.

  1. Series code G=Impreza S=Forester B=Legacy etc.
  2. Body type F=Wagon C=Sedan
  3. Engine type 8=2.0L Turbo
  4. Year code A=MY93 B=MY94 C=MY95&96 D=MY97 (facelift) E=MY98 F=MY99 G=MY00
  5. Number of doors 2=2 door coupe 4=4 door saloon 5=5 door wagon/hatch
  6. Model type 7=RA 8=WRX type E=Sti D=Sti Type R & RA S=22B
  7. Transmission D=5 Speed Manual AWD P=4 Speed Automatic AWD

ManufacturedModel CodePower
GC8A48D240WRX 4 doorImpreza is born!
GC8A47D240 (304N-m)WRX RA 4 door 
GC8B48D240WRX 4 door 
GC8B47D240 (304N-m)WRX RA 4 door 
GC8B48D250WRX STi 4 doorFirst appearance of STi, modified from production WRX
GF8B58D220WRX 5 doorFirst appearance of 5 door
GF8B58D220WRX SA 5 doorAuto transmission fitted after production
GF8B58D250WRX STi 5 doorAs per WRX STi 4 door, modified from production vehicle.
GC8C48D260WRX 4 door 
GC8C47D260WRX RA 4 door 
GC8C47D275WRX RA STi 4 doorModified from production WRX
GF8C58D220WRX 4 door 
GC8C48D260WRX 4 door 
GC8C47D260WRX RA 4 door 
GC8C4ED275 (319N-m)WRX STi2 4 doorFirst full production STi
GC8C4ED275 (319N-m)WRX STi2 555 4 doorSpecial edition
GC8C4DD275 (319N-m)WRX RA STiFirst full production STi RA
GC8C4DD275 (319N-m)WRX RA STi2 V-LimitedSpecial edition
GF8C58D220WRX 5 door 
GF8C58D260WRX STi2 5 door 
GF8C58D260WRX STi2 555 5 doorSpecial edition
GF8C58P220WRX 5 door ATFirst production automatic transmission
GC8D2DD300 (343N-m)WRX STi3 R 2 doorFirst 2 door coupe
GC8D48D280WRX 4 door 
GC8D47D280 (329N-m)WRX RA 4 door 
GC8D4ED300 (343N-m)WRX STi3 4 door 
GC8D4ED300 (343N-m)WRX STi3 V-Limited 4 doorSpecial edition
GC8D4DD300 (343N-m)WRX RA STi3 
GF8D58D240WRX 5 door 
GF8D5ED300WRX STi3 5 door 
GF8D5ED300WRX STi3 V-Limited 5 doorSpecial edition
GF8D58P240WRX 5 door AT 
GC8E2DD300WRX R STi4 2 door 
GC8E2DD300 (353N-m)WRX R STi4 V-Limited 2 doorSpecial edition
GC8E2SD300WRX R STi 22BWide bodied 2.2 litre special edition
GC8E27D300 (353N-m)WRX RA V-Limited 2 doorSpecial edition 2 door RA
GC8E48D280WRX 4 door 
GC8E47D280WRX RA 4 door 
GC8E4ED300 (353N-m)WRX STi4 4 door 
GC8E4DD300 (353N-m)WRX RA STi4 4 door 
GC8E4DD300 (353N-m)WRX RA STi4 4 door V-LimitedSpecial edition
GF8E58D280WRX 5 door 
GF8E5ED300WRX STi4 5 door 
GF8E58P240WRX 5 door AT 
GC8F2DD300WRX R STi5 2 door 
GC8F2DD300WRX R STi5 V-Limited 2 doorSpecial edition
GC8F27D300WRX RA V-Limited 2 doorSpecial edition 2 door RA
GC8F48D280WRX 4 door 
GC8F47D280WRX RA 4 door 
GC8F4ED300WRX STi5 4 door 
GC8F4DD300WRX RA STi5 4 door 
GC8F4DD300WRX RA STi5 4 door V-LimitedSpecial edition
GF8F58D280WRX 5 door 
GF8F5ED300WRX STi5 5 door 
GF8F58P240WRX 5 door AT 
GC8G2DD300WRX R STi6 2 door 
GC8G2DD300WRX R STi6 V-Limited 2 doorSpecial edition
GC8G27D300WRX RA V-Limited 2 doorSpecial edition 2 door RA
GC8G48D280WRX 4 door 
GC8G47D280WRX RA 4 door 
GC8G4ED300WRX STi6 4 door 
GC8G4DD300WRX RA STi6 4 door 
GC8G4DD300WRX RA STi6 4 door V-LimitedSpecial edition
GF8G58D240WRX 5 door 
GF8G5ED300WRX STi6 5 door 
GF8G58P240WRX 5 door AT 

As can be seen from the table above, not all WRX variants have 280PS as standard. A large number have much lower figures than this and even as the model was withdrawn the 5 door WRX was only rated at 240PS. Also the STi cars listed as 300PS are officially sold only as 280PS due to a gentlemans agreement in Japan. They produce higher torque also than the 280PS models. Finally these figures are produced on 100RON fuel.

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