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Millbrook - 17th May 1998

The 17th of May marked the first ever IWOC meeting, at not only one but two locations! Down in Kent a group of owners were getting together near Bell & Colville Dealers whilst a few of us were also clustering further north. Subaru UK had organised a test day where prospective owners could try out some of their wares at the Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedfordeshire. As I and several other owners live in the vicinity it was the ideal oportunity to have a meet, along with those owners who were coming from far and wide for the Subaru day.

5 Imprezas - The gathering begins.

Those NOT invited to the IM Fun Day at Millbrook collect up around 10am at the Brogborough Picnic site. Typically, someone has to park the wrong way round! Nice shot of Nick L's 96 with (gold;-) Safari wheels.

5 Imprezas - Colour co-ordination! and a bum photo if ever I saw one!

5 Imprezas

From left to right...Ian C's Cat, Paul N's 98, Nick L's 96, PJ's 97, and my Cat. Even the Cibies on the Cats match! Also note we all have different wheels.

Still colour co-ordinated we headed for the local pub in Millbrook village. This is what it looked like just before opening time....(thanks to Ian Cook for the picture).

Car park empty

...and this is what it looked like after a few more have turned up, including some SIDC members...Could the person who owns the Subaru please go to the car park! (and there were three more down the lane and two tried to stop but Millbrook village had run out of room!)

Car park - Dinner time, Chequers Pub Millbrook.

After taking over the pub garden for an hour or two we all went off for a photo shoot on the lawn in front of the testing centre. Mr. Security Guard was NOT impressed!

13 Imprezas - Impreza colour selection chart

Those Imprezas on the far right have got some pretty radical suspension mods!

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