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Not content with being a virtual club, members of IWOC got together for the first time on the 17th of May in not one but two places! Both Bedfordshire and Kent saw clusters of Imprezas for what now has become a very common event. Swapping tuning tips, go fast stories, and talking about problems and solutions, members have extended the email club into the real world. The following links take you to photographs from various meets within the IWOC community.

The 17th of May marked the first ever IWOC meeting at Car park Millbrook

Not to be out done the NW Car park North-West have had a quite a few clusters.

September 27th 1998, the first Scottish meet in Scottish Car Park Aberdeen.

Not to be left out in the Northampton Car Park Midlands.

So what about finding out how much power the members cars are putting out? Rolling Road Rolling Thunder!

IWOC and SIDC members join in the fun at a couple of trackdays.

Impreza packCastle Donington - 13th March 1999 and then again on the 20th November. In 2002 we had the SIDC Summer Extravaganza with over 400 Imprezas in attendance!

Sideways Cadwell Park

Pitlane Bedford Autodrome

Other Clusters can be seen on other members pages.

Ian Cook- Pictures from the Millbrook and Surrey meets

Matthew Bunner - Pictures from the Surrey meet

Mark Otway - Pictures from the Surrey meet

Miles Atkinson - Pictures from the 1st Scottish meet in Aberdeen

Further members cars can be seen on the Members page.

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