MY2001 - Year 2001 New Age Impreza

The introduction of MY2001 saw the end of an era and the completely new New Age Impreza with a stronger shell and very distinctive headlights. It also marked the introduction of the Impreza Turbo into the North American market. Confusingly the American model year runs from the preceeding Spring and is thus known as the MY2002.

The UK300 special edition was officially released in the UK on Wednesday 23rd May. The official information can be found on the UK300 Special Edition page. Following in the footsteps of the RB5, Terzo, Catalunya and McRae special editions, the UK300 offers something a bit special in limited edition form. This also marked the first release of the PPP on the MY2001 and initially it was only available on these cars.

Even before the first car was supplied, the US announced a yellow special edition.

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Further information on the MY2001 New Age Impreza (the MY2002 in the USA) can be found on the following pages.

  1. Introduction (last update 18-02-01)
  2. Specifications (last update 18-02-01)
  3. Pictures (last update 18-02-01)
  4. UK300 Special Edition (introduced 23-04-01)
  5. Reviews and test drives includes:-
    • WRX (last update 02-07-01)
    • UK300 with PPP (last update 17-06-01)
    • TS 1.6 (last update 21-11-01)
    • and GX (last update 02-07-01)
  6. New Age WRX and STi in Japan (updated 21-11-01)

If you want to know what is due as a follow up check out the MY2002 rumours and news page.

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