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Usually first to go in the pre 1997 model is the interior. Two Recaro sports seats substitute the fronts and then the whole interior, rear seats and door side panels is reupholstered in the same material to match. These seats are some of the best available and really hug the front occupants, making you feel one with the car and also giving the impression that you could go a thousand miles and still get out just as refreshed as you got in. Quite a few post MY97 owners have to have the ultimate and also have the Recaros, replacing their sports seats. I would recommend this modification over a similar priced leather upgrade of the standard seat instead.

Prodrive console wood effect conversion, also available in carbon fibre seen on an MY96
This "upgrade" is no longer part of the interior pack.

Prodrive Recaro conversion of an Impreza interior - a bit bright!

© Steve Breen
The seats are also available in "Black Artista" fabric - the same pattern, only in black and grey hues. Note the Prodrive mats.

The Prodrive Interior Package currently (1999/2000) includes

Alloy wheels and brake upgrades

Next on the goodies list are some lower profile wheels/tyres. 16 inch or 17inch Speedlines are available and with the introduction of the P1 and My2001 18in items, and the in thing at the moment are gold coloured ones to match the rally going versions.....

Speedline Supertorismo Alloys
7x17" six (or are they twelve?) spoke Speedline Supertorismo Alloys. These wheels were extremely popular upto the introduction of the MY99 version of the Impreza. Unfortunately they do not fit an Impreza fitted with the larger 4 pot callipers, and it should be noted this also excludes their use on earlier STi imports which introduced the calliper.

Catalunya 3/4 view with 17in Supertourismo
Speedline Supertorismo 17" 6 spoke alloys fitted to a Catalunya special edition.

Introduced for 1999, the ST2, a six spoke Speedline very similar to the one as seen on the WRC cars. The original Supertorismo as mentioned above do not have enough clearance to accommodate the new STi derived 4 pot brake callipers introduced on the MY99.

Speedline ST2 © Steve Breen

Front wheel. The new larger MY99 STi derived 4 pot brake caliper can be seen in this picture. This is also available as an upgrade for earlier model cars, but note that either the new post 1999 Speedline wheels or original MY98 16" wheels have to be fitted to gain clearance on the calipers.

7 spoke Speedline in grey/dark silver © Steve Breen
also available in gold and seen here with Prodrive caliper/disc upgrade © Steve Breen

A seven spoke design is also available and is seen here along with the Prodrive/Alcon caliper and disc upgrade. Compare the size of both the caliper and the disc to those seen on the standard Impreza 4 pot calliper. Another advantage is that the caliper is manufactured from aluminium rather than cast iron on the standard Subaru items and thus dissipates heat quicker away from the pad and hydraulic oil thus decreasing the effects of fade and spongy brakes. Note though that this caliper will not fit under a 16" wheel and a 17" alloy upgrade will be needed.

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