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Rolling Thunder! IWOC Day at Power Engineering 3rd October 1998

22B & MY97 - from MY97 to 22B!

The 3rd of October saw the first ever IWOC Impreza rolling road test. Thanks to Jonathan R. for the organisation of getting all the cars there. Seven cars of various different specifications were put through their paces on the rolling road dyno at Power Engineering in Uxbridge. The purpose was not really to find out the ultimate power of each car (well ok there was one car that was of interest), but the differences between models and modifications.

The seven cars were made up of five UK specification and two Japanese specification as follows :-

MY97 (see the picture above)

2 Terzo

Standard Terzo with a slightly modified version, note rear wing and single tail pipe of a Scoobysport exhaust (allied to free flow Ram Air drop in air filter)

Prodrived Terzo

Prodrived Terzo - includes Prodrive Performance Pack power upgrade

WRX STi 3 type R

WRX STi 3 type R with free flow exhaust and filter


WRX STi 22B with Leda type C suspension

As you can see above, there were a lot of blue Imprezas floating around! Interesting to see that the 22B and type R both share the Terzo colour, whilst the dark blue mica looks black in comparison.

Onto the rolling road. To stop the car in question heading off into the distance it is strapped down....

WRX STi type R on the RR Type R ready to go

To see and hear a car, only 10 feet away doing over 125mph is something to behold. Just don't touch those brakes!

WRX STi type R on the RR Type R the dial on the left reads 225kph!

WRX STi type R dyno data
Type R dyno data the black graph represent power to the wheel, and the red line is added as the car slows down in neutral with the rolling road monitoring the transmission losses....result power at the crank. Note for a 4 wheel drive car we lose near 1/3 of the power!

So how does a Japanese specification WRX Type R compare with the best UK specification of the day?

WRX STi type R vs UK spec dyno data
WRX STi Type R and UK spec. dyno data the red graph represents the best UK specification run with the type R in the white. The UK car actually produces more power under 3500rpm probably due to the smaller turbo. From there the type R gains an advantage but is still tracked by the UK specification. Only at the end at 6500rpm the UK spec tails off and the type R carries on pulling straight into the 7900rpm red line!

Last run of the day was left to the 22B. Would it crack 300bhp? Rumours had been heard of 350bhp.......

WRX STi 22B 22B - how fast does it go Mister?

WRX STi 22B on the RR 22B sits menacingly

WRX STi 22B on the RR 22B rolling along quite nicely ;-)

WRX STi 22B on the RR
Type R or 22B? Which is more powerful? White is 22B, and red is type R....there is just over 40bhp difference at the cursor, but notice how the 22B tails off and the type R climbs into the redline/rev limiter. Sorry about the focus :-(

As well as the cars on the dyno, several other members tuned up to watch.

WRX STi 22B and nose of type R nose of an STi 4 type R along with the 22B

WRX STi type R same STi 4 type R, this time along with the blue STi 3 type R

If you were wondering about the results from the day have a look at Paul Strongs web page - THE Impreza dyno data page!

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