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So your not satisfied with the most value for money performance car you can buy and want something a bit more special? So what can you do to further enhance you enjoyment? You could go to one of many aftermarket tuning firms who offer quite an extensive range of goodies for the Impreza such as re-chipping the ECU, replacement exhausts, suspension, alloy wheels etc, but these could seriously endanger your existing Subaru warranty. One alternative available in the UK, which is Subaru UK backed (and thus you keep the warranty) is to upgrade your car with one of the many Prodrive extras.

Prodrive are based in Banbury, Oxfordshire and they are the people who have prepared the Subaru supplied rally cars for a number of years, winning the World Championship for driver and manufacturers title in 1995 and manufacturers in 1996 and 97.

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Juha Kankkunens WRC99 in preparation for the Acropolis Rally, which he won.

In 1997 and 98 as well as the Impreza in the various rally championships Prodrive also prepared the works Honda Accord for the British Touring Car circuit racing series. In 1999 they changed manufacturers and prepared the works Ford Mondeos. Previous to these marques they have raced and prepared BMW and the all conquering Alfas.

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Not a rally car but a touring car...the Prodrive, sorry... Ford Mondeo.

Further pictures of the WRC rally cars and others can be found in the rally section of the site.

Prodrive Impreza 2000 Turbo AWD

As mentioned elsewhere on these pages, quite a lot of people who are in the market for the Turbo A.W.D. find the interior a bit bland particularly in the case of the pre 1997 model. The exterior can never be called bland with the huge bonnet mounted air scoop and (false) air vents but there will always be some who want something that bit more individual. Likewise there will be those who find they get used to the performance or who want to improve the handling or braking performance. This is where Prodrive come into the equation and they take your standard Impreza and add as many bits as you like.

1996 Prodrive conversions (I'll take the one at the back ;-)

A limited run of 25 cars were first produced in 1994, and one of these was reviewed in the June 1994 edition of Performance Car under the title of "The Chosen Phew". Suspension, wheels and tyres upgraded on the outside, with the Recaro/Prodrive interior treatment too. Brought to the unsuspecting public for just under 4000 more than the standard turbo. Prices have gone up since then. :-)

Pair of Prodrives
Pair of early 1995 Prodrive Imprezas (Copyright © Andy Holmes)

The following pages detail the available Prodrive modifications here in the UK and Europe.

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