Absorb the bumps better, get more grip and go round those bends faster (finally!) Keeping the suspension standard one of the first things that most UK owners do is set their car to the "Prodrive" settings. During fitment of the Prodrive suspension upgrade the camber and tow in is set to a specific value on all four wheels. Whats good enough for them. ;-)

Front Rear
Camber Max equal negative not adjustable
Toe-in 1mm 1mm

This changes the cars normal "safe" understeer characteristic to more on the side of oversteer. It is much sharper on turn-in and feels more stable through corners but watch the back end! Also with the geometry set different you may experience greater tyre where on the inside edges, unless of course you found that on standard settings your cornering style was wearing the outer edges in which case these mods are definately recommended!

Roll or sway bars

On the MY97 a thicker roll bar was introduced at the rear. For cars before this age fitment of the thicker roll bar will help keep the back end under control. In Australia the fitment of thicker anti roll (or sway) bars on all models seem to be the in thing.

Springs and dampers

There are many aftermarket spring and damper kits available for the Impreza. Prodrive supply through UK Subaru dealers an in house developed set up using Eibach springs and Bilstein dampers. A comprehensive Leda line up is available from Scoobysport from basic damper adjustable, ride height and damper adjustable and finally gas adjustable which is probably a bit over the top for normal road use but some people just have to have the ultimate ;-)

The advantage of fitting an aftermarket suspension kit is to tune the car torwards the performance side of conservative. Most lower the car, give less body roll and much better grip. As supplied as standard the Impreza has to be good at all things and all markets.

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