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To join the (Unofficial) Impreza World wide web Owners Club and the email list, please use the form below.

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Once you have applied to join the list you will be sent a short message asking you some information which is required before being allowed onto the list. Do not bother even filling out the above form if you can not be bothered to send these details. Without them I will delete your request!

You will be asked to give the following :-

Please ensure that you do respond and your email address is valid as I have been contacted on a number of occasions by people who's email address bounces, does not exist or in one other case was being used by someone else! Also ensure that your email address matches the one you have entered above because I have to match the subscription requests with the detail replies.

Once accepted you will be mailed the charter and will be live on the list.

There are several list modes available which are set by you during registration:-

During the subscription process you will be able to choose and switch modes by a web form. Once subscribed you will then have access to archived digests from the past. This could be another way to join the list, by browsing the archives only with your mode set to no mail, but personally the fun of membership is the interacting and discussions as they happen. Finally to leave the group you return to the same URL to unsubscribe :-(

Please note as mentioned above, there is a charter to the list which is a guideline on acceptable posts and this will be mailed to you when you are accepted.


Please note the 30 to 80 emails A DAY bit! (Actually peaked 139 one day...a couple of emmotive subjects you see). NOT per month, or even per week, BUT PER DAY! The amount of people who join and then find the inrush of email too much and then want out is quite high (and annoying). If you know your way around an email programme and can set up a filter to direct the IWOC stuff into a seperate folder then I would say always go for the "as it happens" list.

I personally prefer the "as it happens" list because following of threads is made easier and replying to a particular message is again easier.

As of the 5th February 2001 the number of members on the IWOC list server is 1055.
Digested members (burp) = 339
"As it happens" members = 553
"No mail" members = 120
NOT including petrol heads (duplicates on more than once with two or more addresses) = 43

Listed by Country/Region
Argentina 1
Australia 165
Barbados 2
Belgium 5
Brazil 2
Brunei 1
Canada 6
Chile 1
Cyprus 4
Eire 10
Estonia 1
France 7
Germany 3
Hong Kong 6
Isle of Man 2
Israel 3
Italy 2
Jamaica 1
Japan 6
Jersey 2
Luxembourg 1
Malaysia 3
Namibia 1
Netherlands 39
New Zealand 9
Peru 1
Philippines 2
Poland 1
Portugal 4
South Africa 9
Singapore 5
Spain 4
Sweden 7
Switzerland 1
Taiwan 2
Thailand 2
Turkey 3
UK 608 (Scotland 90, Northern Ireland 10)
Ukraine 1
United Arab Emirates 1
USA 67
Unknowns 48 off make up the rest..I'll have to email them sometime ;-)

We have 35 different Andrew/Andys on the list. 25 Marks, 29 Steven/Stephens, and 24 Johns.

Finally the number of people who have contacted me to ask about IWOC (this includes people who have joined but then left the list, as well as those who never joined) 420

In 1999 and 2000 the members of IWOC sent over 21000 emails, averaging 30 a day!

In March 2001 discussions ranged on the following subjects such as insurance, quick shift, mud flaps, 17in alloys, MAF sensor failures and induction kits.

You can view some of my favourite IWOC posts on the Classic Posts page which includes reviews, test reports, trackdays etc.

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